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Cuidacoches and students of anthropology.

Abstract in spanish

From the analysis of a video filmed with the careacoches, informal workers of the city of La Plata, Argentina, I intend in this article to reflect on the audiovisual register in an anthropological research. On the other hand, I propose some theoretical concepts for understanding the urban activity in question. And if the reader infers some criticisms about the teaching of anthropology, they are naturally the work of mutations, genetic recombination and natural selection, but not of the writer. This article attempts to reflect on a shared Visual Anthropology, where knowledge is built on dialogue.

Keywords: audiovisual,car care,Argentina,visual anthropology.
Author: Agustín Samprón. Estudiante de Antropología. Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo. Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.
Received: January 15th, 2003, Accepted: July 08th, 2003
Revista Chilena de Antropología Visual - número 3 - Santiago, Julio 2003 - 84/108 pp.- ISSN 0718-876x. Rev. chil. antropol. vis.