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Representation of the guerrillas in the press photograph: from the liberal guerrillas to the communist guerrillas.

Abstract in spanish

Photography, as a historical document, acquires importance to the extent that sight favours it. The power of the image is given by its character of truthfulness, even more so when it is immersed in an official medium such as the national press. Photography describes an official story, in which certain aspects and authors of social events are privileged. The political situation that the country was going through between 1948 and 1966 determined the conditions for the formation of guerrillas, self-defense groups, and bandit groups, as a result of the excessive bipartisan struggle [between the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party]and later allowed the creation of the communist guerrilla in Colombia.

Keywords: photography,guerrillas,Colombia,communism.
Author: Lorna Ramírez. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Received: January 05th, 2004, Accepted: July 07th, 2004
Revista Chilena de Antropología Visual - número 4 - Santiago, julio 2004 - 118/137 pp. - ISSN 0718-876x. Rev. chil. antropol. vis.