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Images of anthropologists, anthropologists in images.

Abstract in spanish

The trajectory of anthropologic task with images sends to the quarrel of the construction of this knowledge as well as the a of the identity of the anthropologist in action. The anthropologist, who from the called after-modern ethnography, already was present in the writing while plus a ethnography character, now also he presents yourself in the images (photographic or videographic) contained in the anthropologic text. We saw generations of anthropologists if to abstain to appear through images in the carried through ethnographies, but recently, works bring the intentional inclusion of the image of the researcher searching to make it clear the intensity and meaning of the ethnographic meeting. It is intended, from a survey of theses, dissertations and monographic works of the PPGAS/UFRGS - in special
the works deriving or assisted by the projects of research NAVISUAL/BIEV - to argue the strategies that these anthropologists are presenting when including intentionally its images in interaction with the searched ones.

Keywords: visual anthropology,identity of the anthropologist,text and image.
Author: Liliane S. Guterres. Doctora en Antropología Social y profesora de la Universidad de Caxias do Sul – RS/Brasil.
Author: Maria Cristina Caminha de Castilhos França. Doctoranda en Antropología Visual – PPGAS/UFRGS y profesora del Unilasalle – Canoas/RS.
Received: March 04th, 2007, Accepted: March 07th, 2007
Revista Chilena de Antropología Visual - número 9 - Santiago, junio 2007 - 72/87 pp.- ISSN 0718-876x. Rev. chil. antropol. vis.