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Na lavill´llaGa´c qataq nalquii na qarhuo:Notes on a participative video experience with young indigenous toba in Formosa, Argentina.

Abstract in spanish

Can the use of the camera as a recording technique, a research and exploration tool be a worthful instance to encourage an intergenerational and intraethnic dialogue to re think on dominant narratives on practices which generate shame and disrepute? These concerns, among others, moved the creation of the participative video workshop: "Na na lavill'llaGa'c qataq nalquii qarhuo ', the voice and image of our people", in Nam Qom, Lote 68, Formosa Province, during the months of February and April of 2007, driven together by anthropologists and indigenous toba young teachers. In this paper we aim to explore the workshop experience putting into perspective the scope of the construction of participative video as a tool for documentation, research and dissemination of pre-evangelical artistic and cultural expressions of toba people.

Keywords: participative video,tobas,traditional dance and music,indigenous.
Author: Soledad Torres Agüero. Maestranda en Antropología Social, e integrante del equipo Antropología del Cuerpo, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Received: October 12th, 2012, Accepted: November 07th, 2013
Revista Chilena de Antropología Visual - número 22 - Santiago, diciembre 2013 - 69/90 pp.- ISSN 0718-876x. Rev. chil. antropol. vis.