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Movie posters: between the spectator and the movie screen. Three cases in contemporary Chilean cinema.

Abstract in spanish

The movie poster responds to the logics of the advertising field. Yet, its way of mediating between the spectator and the product that it advertises —an audiovisual work consisting of hundreds of images— make it a complex cultural product and allows us to analyze it using the notion of intermediality, as the inscription surface for signs that migrate from the screen to the printed poster. This article explores the posters of three contemporary Chilean films viewing them as the symptomatic expression of a social, historical, and aesthetic gaze.


Keywords: movie poster,intermediality,movie screen,frame,spectator.
Author: Carlos Barboza Bascuñán. Diseñador gráfico por la Universidad de Chile. Magíster en Estudios de la Imagen por la Universidad Alberto Hurtado.
Received: August 07th, 2022, Accepted: September 23th, 2022
Revista de Antropología Visual - número 30 - Santiago, 2022 -1/16 pp.- ISSN 2452-5189